Golf Fuel Reviewed: Stay Focused for Another Round

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What are some of the qualities of a good energy drink? First off, it should give you enough energy to survive a round of whatever sport you’re playing. Second, it should be able to provide you with this energy without side effects such as sudden crashing, palpitations, bowel irritability and inability to focus. Lastly, the effect of the energy drink should last for only a couple of hours. There are some drinks out there which really do give you increased stamina and endurance, but the effects stay for so long that you have difficulty sleeping or relaxing. If these three traits are not met by the energy drink you’re taking, then your best course of action is to throw it out and find a new one.

Golf is a sport which has a lot of unique properties. In a way, it’s similar to billiards in that it requires a lot of mental activity to calculate which move you should execute to get the ball in the hole. It’s also quite similar to tennis in that you’ll have to be out in the sun for quite some time, and this can really drain your energy. It’s also a bit like basketball in that it requires a bit of calculated strength in order to get the ball where it should be. And since golf is a highly unique sport, it would also merit an energy drink which can deliver the desired effects in golf players.

Golf Fuel Focus productGolf Fuel: 18 Holes of Energy

If you’re a beginner in the world of golf, you may think that surviving all 18 holes would be a nightmare! But if you’re a seasoned player, each hole you get through gives you enough motivation to move forward to the next hole. Unfortunately, there may be times when you’re not in the best shape to play, and you could use a bit of a boost. Golf Fuel Focus Drinks provide you with this boost, but without the crashing or palpitating effects which other energy drinks give. It also gives your mind the ability to be more focused and alert so you can aim better and swing better. In addition to this, it contains no sugar and each shot has zero calories.

Golf Fuel Focus Drinks contain a blend of ingredients which are capable of supporting mental focus, improving alertness and coordination, increasing stamina and improving reaction time. The blend of ingredients in each bottle of Golf Fuel Focus Drinks gives you just the right amount of energy to get through a round without having to worry about not being able to sleep later in the evening. It contains the following ingredients:
• L-Tyrosine – it’s a non-essential amino acid which helps the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine. It helps your mind become more focused and alert while also eliminating fatigue and jitters. L-tyrosine has been tested in high-stress military situations in order to prove its effectiveness in supporting mental performance.
• L-phenylalanine – like L-tyrosine, it also aids in the production of dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine. It also supports a healthy mood while also improving focus. It has also been shown to help control the appetite, so this would be especially useful for those who are watching their weight.
• DMAE – it’s the purest and most biologically available form of choline for oral intake. It helps boost acetylcholine which is linked with increased mental function. Unlike choline, DMAE is able to readily cross the blood-brain barrier for easier biosynthesis.
• Taurine – it’s one of the most abundant amino acids in the brain and in muscle tissue. It can mimic the effect of insulin in the body, and it also supports immune function and reduces muscle cramping. This is especially useful since standing in the sun for hours does take its toll on the immune system and in the muscles. In addition to this, taurine also protects the brain and supports GABA levels in order to improve your mood.

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Golf FuelPrice and Product Description

A bottle of Golf Fuel Focus Drink has 2 fl oz or 60 ml of liquid, and each box contains 12 bottles. For a full boost of energy and focus, you may take an entire bottle. But if you just want a bit of energy and focus to get you through a round, you may choose to drink only half and save the rest for later. However, the remaining contents of the bottle should be consumed within three days. It’s highly advised that you take only one shot in a span of six hours, as the energizing effect may prove to be a hindrance to sleep. If you buy three boxes, you get one box free and this would only cost you $79.80 ($19.95 per box).

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What We Like About Golf Fuel

• Instead of being just another health or energy drink, the ingredients in each bottle of Golf Fuel are specifically for people who are playing sports which require a lot of stamina and clear mental function. By removing the effects of high-sugar and high-caffeine drinks and adding focus-improving ingredients, each bottle of Golf Fuel can be enough to last you 18 holes without tiring.
• It contains zero calories and the L-phenylalanine helps curb the appetite. If you’re looking to play golf while also losing weight, then Golf Fuel will surely help you reach your weight loss goals.
• Golf fuel provides the perfect balance of ingredients for improving physical performance and mental performance. With every improved swing comes enhanced focus and alertness in each hole.
• It doesn’t have the side effects of caffeine such as the jitters, and it also doesn’t allow you to crash the way you would on a high-sugar drink.
• Other energy drinks taste like medicine but Golf Fuel comes in two delicious flavors: grape and berry.

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What We Don’t Like About Golf Fuel

• Since Golf Fuel helps increase your energy and mental alertness, you may find it a bit hard to fall asleep if you take too much of it or if you take it near your bedtime. To combat this, it’s advised that you only have one shot within a span of six hours so as not to have too much energy throughout the day.

Golf Fuel SaleThe Bottom Line

Increasing your energy levels during a sporting event is usually the priority of other energy drinks. Golf Fuel, however, chooses to increase both the energy and mental endurance. By doing this, it provides the golfer with the physical strength to make a perfect swing along with the focus and alertness needed to calculate the intensity of each swing.

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